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Issuing Authority

Issuing Authority National Healthcareer Association

National Healthcareer Association (NHA) is one of the nation’s largest allied health certification providers. Since 1989, the NHA has helped thousands of schools across the nation produce better professionals and better program outcomes. Individuals who pass their certification exam will be recognized as Nationally Certified Healthcare professionals and will earn credentials to use with their name, a certification ID card, and a certificate. To be eligible to earn an NHA certification, a candidate must possess a high school diploma or the equivalent and be at least 18 years of age.

ExCPT Pharmacy Technician Training Certification Details

The certified Pharmacy Technician training program will teach you all the skills you need to gain the Certified Pharmacy Technician certification through the NHA (National Healthcareer Association). The Pharmacy Technician certification exam provides the opportunity to work in a pharmacy setting and receive requests for prescriptions from doctor’s offices and patients.

ExCPT Certification Skills Gained

  • Receive and process prescription requests from patients, and those sent electronically from doctors’ offices
  • Accurately count, weigh, pour and mix medications
  • Prepare accurate prescription labels and package prescriptions
  • Prepare and Process insurance claim forms and manage inventory
  • Establish and maintain patient profiles as well as computerized patient records

ExCPT Career PathwaysAttainable Jobs

highest Paying

Compounding Specialist (Compounding pharmacy tech)

Compounding specialists meet the needs of people who are unable to take medication in the commercial form. They receive orders from a multitude of prescribers and complete the compound mixtures in a safe and carefully controlled environment following special procedures.

$24,000 - $55,000
Estimated Salary1

highest Paying

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technicians work with pharmacists to help prepare and give out prescription medication, take prescriptions over the phone and in person, help mix medicines, count pills,measure medication, label and give instructions for medicine, help take payments, and work with health professionals and customers.

$19000 - $49000
Estimated Salary1

highest Paying

Medication Adherence Technician

Prepares medication for the patients Medication Therapy Management process (MTM). These patients are transitioning from being in the hospital to going home.

$19000 - $45000
Estimated Salary1
1All available job and salary information is from Burning Glass Labor Insights and is updated annually to reflect industry changes.